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Words of Freedom was an Entertainment Industry & American History Radio Show that has been on the air, on KRFC Ft. Collins; 88.9FM, from July 4th, 2004 and ended May 16th, 2011. (For 4 years Words of Freedom was on both KHNC & KRFC.)

With over 300 shows, we've been honored to have had more than 350 guests such as: The Chieftains, General Steve Ritchie, USAF Ret.:"America's Last Ace", Roy Rogers, Jr., Noel Neill:"The Original Lois Lane", Zacherley:"The Cool Ghoul", and many others.


Words Of Freedom

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KRFC 88.9 FM
Mondays, 5:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. MST
(full half hour with no commercials)

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Award Winning
Actor / Writer / Director


"Words of Freedom" has been honored to have Previous Guests such as:

Roy "Dusty" Rogers, Jr.
Roy Rogers Rides Again

Noel Neill
(The Original Lois Lane)

Alex Cord




 Paddy Moloney

and Host of the Words of Freedom Show

With over 30 years in Film / Video and Audio Production in New York, Florida & Colorado, Mr. Flynn has had clients that included: Hanna-Barbera, Putnam Berkley and Turner Entertainment.

He has also helped produce three independent Feature Films and written screenplays on assignment for production companies in Colorado & California.

The wonderful response to George’s uplifting and educational audio CD, “Words of Freedom”, gave birth to his popular radio show of the same name.

Brigadier General Steve Ritchie, Ret.

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